Chicago Pool Table Repairs

Normally pool table repairs are not very common on most pool and billiard tables. In reality, pool tables don’t really have moving parts unless it’s a coin-operated pool table but in the case of most residential pool tables, this is not normal to have these types of pool tables in a home. There are not many parts of a pool table that would need to be repaired but below are some examples of pool table repairs that we may have to do.

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When are pool table repairs needed?

For example, you can have a pocket that comes apart, your dog chews on the leg or pocket of the pool table or the felt gets torn, in those minor cases they will be pool table repairs that may need to be done but in most cases, the pool table just sits there gets played and needs no repairs. Now in the event that you’ve tried to move the pool table yourself and you broke something then there may be replacement parts that may or not be available for purchase to repair or make a replacement on the table or not.

Go ahead! Do it yourself, then call us for the repairs!

The problem with repairs caused by moving a pool table by yourself when you don’t know what you’re doing are numerous. These types of repairs could be broken legs, broken frames, cabinets or even slates. In some but not every case these things are repairable but generally will cost you far more than it would have cost you to just have the pool table moved or serviced by a professional, to begin with.

We get at least one or two phone calls a day from customers who need repairs. Generally, this is the scenario, “I need to have my pool table moved from my garage into my basement but one of the legs is broken.”

This is a dead giveaway indicating that someone tried to move the pool table by themselves. The thing they don’t know is if you need to repair or replace one leg on a pool table you must replace all four. This is about a three to four hundred dollar pool table repair and not advisable. Since the customer that tried to move the pool table by themselves can’t get it into their basement because it needs to be professionally dismantled, they just added $400 to their move job in addition to a repair that was unnecessary, to begin with.

If you have a pool table repair needing to be done, give the professionals a call. We can answer any question you have about repairs, moving, service, installations…… Well, you get it.